Plug Num & Description

Cable Specs & Notes

Further Important Information

Electric Brakes *necessary

Electric brakes need to be fitted on your tow vehicle. Most brands are fine, but you can discuss this with your auto electrician. We recommend Red-Arc TowPro. Here is a link to how the Red-Arc Tow Pro works.

Reverse Camera *if required

If you have ordered or own a Reverse Camera/ Rear view system (most popular is Safety Dave ) please arrange with your Auto-Electrician, fitment, mounting and wiring to your tow vehicle as dealerships are not authorised to configure your vehicle. Not all of the Zenith caravan builds are fitted with a Reverse Camera, your caravan specifications will determine if the Rear Camera is required.

Amphibian converter *if you will be plugging your caravan into your 10A house power

If you wish to power your caravan onto house 10A Power – this power converter/adaptor to 15A accessory allows you to do this. The alternative is you can request for an Electrician to create a 15A point in your house storage area.

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